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Knead a Massage is...

  • Convenient
  • Affordable & Approachable
  • "Best of Class" Staff
  • Custom Massage: Our Clients' Needs Come First
  • Rates Based on Session Length, Not Massage Modality

Our Modern Approach to Massage

In recent years therapeutic massage has become a mainstay of healthy living. No longer viewed as just an occasional "special indulgence," massage is now widely recognized for both its immediate and its long-term therapeutic benefits. At Knead a Massage, we believe that therapeutic massage should be an integral component of your active lifestyle. Whether you want to boost your immune system, detoxify your lymphatic system, improve your athletic performance, or just reduce the effects of stressful living, therapeutic massage can be an invaluable tool in your regimen of a healthy life. To be most effective, massage must be a consistent part of your wellness routine. For that to be possible, massage should be convenient, affordable, and approachable, with highly qualified, friendly staff.

Affordable and Approachable

We keep our overhead low so that our rates stay affordable. At Knead a Massage you won't find steam rooms, saunas, locker rooms, elaborately furnished waiting areas or hushed, meditative quietude. You will find an approachable, helpful and friendly atmosphere; clean straightforward, functional spaces and a focus on optimizing the quality of your massage experience.

Custom Massage: Our Clients' Needs Come First

We understand that each client has unique and specific needs. To best service our clients, we customize every massage. To ensure that we understand your individual needs, we begin every massage session with a consultation between client and therapist. Based on a brief discussion of expectations and needs, notes from previous sessions, you and your therapist together will determine the best approach for your session. Each of our therapists is fully trained and certified to perform most of the common modalities (trigger point, deep tissue, sports massage, etc) so if there is a particular modality you prefer, be sure to mention it when you book your appointment and during your consultation. Each massage will be specifically customized to fit your needs, every time you visit any of our studios.

Rates Based on Length, Not Massage Modality

Because each massage session is customized to meet client needs, our rates are not based on the types of massage incorporated into each session. Instead, we keep it simple and charge based on session length. This approach gives our therapists the freedom to choose the modality or combination of modalities that will best address your needs during each session. All of our sessions include 5-10 minutes of non-massage time to consult with your therapist, change clothes, get on and off the massage table and relax.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

There is no question that being hydrated when you arrive for your massage leads to more beneficial effects. Thus we encourage you to drink a lot of water in the twelve to twenty-four hours before your massage. We do more than encourage you to hydrate after your session , we will provide you with water at the conclusion of your massage. Good therapeutic massage always releases toxins that have built up in your system, and in order to flush those toxins out of your system, you should drink eight to twelve ounces of water in the first twenty minutes following your massage. Depending on the levels and types of toxins released, you may experience a little soreness in the days following your massage. But remember, the more water you drink, the less sore you'll feel. And should you begin to feel aches in the first hour after your massage, drinking an additional glass of water immediately will likely reduce or eliminate the symptoms of your detoxification.


We are open days, evenings, weekends and most holidays because we want to be available for you, whenever you need a massage. We staff our studios to accommodate same-day appointments and walk-ins, so that you don't have to plan very far ahead to get a great massage when you want one. We love to see families and friends come into the studio together and happily book groups as well as individuals -- our studios can accommodate up to seven appointments at a time. Because we focus on therapeutic work, we do not offer "couples" massage or any form of sensual massage. In our Salt Lake City studio, we do offer "buddy" massage: meaning that you can still enjoy your massage with a friend or loved one; please call and ask if you have any questions.

"Best of Class" Staff

Our greatest single asset is our outstanding team of massage therapists - the largest and most skilled team of its kind in the region. Our therapists are selected based on their passion for therapeutic massage, the skill with which they practice and their ability to listen to and interpret client needs. Once they join our team, therapists receive continuing education in updated massage techniques and wellness training. They are cross-trained in a number of therapeutic modalities so they are able to mix and match modalities based on the clients preferences and specific therapeutic needs. Every Knead a Massage therapist is expected and encouraged to improve constantly and to update his or her approach to therapeutic massage in order to meet and exceed client expectations.

Special Requests

If you are looking for something specific, such as pregnancy massage, cranial sacral, Reiki, reflexology, etc., please make your request known when you book your appointment. Don't hesitate to tell us if you prefer a male or female therapist, many people have a preference. We are very comfortable working with special-needs clients, particularly if we are informed of any particular constraints at the time of booking. For clients under the age of eighteen, we need an accompanying parent to sign release and waiver forms. Also, feel free to let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion -- we never sing, but we've been known to pull off birthday gags, anniversary celebrations and the occasional engagement surprise. Tell us what you have in mind, and we'll play along. We will always do our very best to match you with the massage therapist most able to meet your expectations. To that end, not only will we be happy to book you with the therapist you request (based on availability), but will also tell you if we believe that we will in any way be unable to meet your expectations. In short, you can count on an open and honest dialogue with us.

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